The history of MME

1963: Materiaal Metingen NV is founded in Rotterdam at Pieter de Hoochstraat and introduces non-destructive testing techniques and quality control of materials to the Dutch maritime industry.

1965: An association is formed with Wilson Walton Ltd., a UK company specialised in corrosion control of ships, offshore structures and industrial installations.

1966: Shell Tankers appoints Materiaal Metingen to survey the steel for their fleet of vessels. From then, Materiaal Metingen’s activities in the Netherlands and Belgium maritime industries increased drastically.

1966-1974: Materiaal Metingen keeps expanding its activities and is becoming a partner for the international oil industry, working for companies like Exxon, Total, Aramco, Chevron and Texaco.

1974: Materiaal Metingen moves to a larger office building in Barendrecht

1984: Materiaal Metingen continues to expand its activities, opening the first branch office in Velsen. The head office moves to a larger building, in Zwijndrecht.

1985: Materiaal Metingen Testgroep BV is founded, specialising in non-destructive testing (NDT) and metallurgical testing.

1988: Our second branch office is opened in Hengelo.

1989: Materiaal Metingen Quality Consulting BV is founded, specialising in quality and safety engineering. Also, the Non-Destructive Testing School is purchased from RDM (Rotterdamsche Droogdok Maatschappij). Since then, Materiaal Metingen has its own training centre, offering courses to personnel, also from other companies.

1990: Materiaal Metingen Europe BV is established to further develop our specialised corrosion and inspection services and products in the maritime industry.

1991: Due to a continuous growth, the company moves from the Zwijndrecht offices to a new built office in Ridderkerk, specifically designed to meet the requirements of MME Group.

1992: The Heerenveen branch office is opened.

1993: MME Group takes over the laboratories of the Rotterdamsche Droogdok Maatschappij (RDM) and Van Leeuwen Buizen and establishes a multi functional metallurgical laboratory in Ridderkerk. This year also, a dedicated anode foundry is opened in Maidstone (UK).

1996: Due to a continuous demand for high quality anodes, new premises are acquired in Faversham Kent (UK) and the foundry is relocated with a drastic increase of the production capacity.

2002: The Heerenveen branch moves to a bigger office.

2005: The Dintelmond branch office is opened.

2007: The new branch office in Beverwijk is opened. In the same year our branche office in Hengelo moved to a new office.

2008: The Eindhoven branch office is opened, and MME Group now has established branch offices in every region in the Netherlands.

2009: The MME Group is expanding its Non-Destructive Testing activities in China, now operating in the ports of Shanghai, Nanjing, Zhangzhou and Dalian.

2012: Due to the growing demand for our services and a need for quicker delivery times it was necessary to extent the capacity of our Radiography bunkers and Mechanical Laboratory.

2013: The newly build office in Dintelmond (The Netherlands) is opened. The new office accommodates the NDT Training Centre. The training at the branches in Ridderkerk, Hengelo and Dintelmond are merged into this new building.

2016: MME has moved to a larger building in Eindhoven. The office in Eindhoven grew in three years from 4 to about 30 employees.