Good to Excellent

MME Group is already known as benchmark in safety, quality, flexibility and service. However, we are living in an ever changing environment which demands a systematic approach to choices for both short and long term strategy. To cope with these demands and the choices that come with it, MME Group once again sets the benchmark with the implementation of Operational Excellence (OpX).

Sander Momberg, Compliance Manager at MME Group:  “OpX is a proven method based on the elimination of three factors: 1) Waste, 2) Variation and 3) Defects. If done correctly, results with an improvement rate of over 100% are not uncommon. However, the implementation is a complex process and requires time, patience and education.”

Therefore, MME Group has decided to train the entire management to the standards of Lean Six Sigma (LSS). After a few intensive weeks, they completed the training with an exam for which they all passed! With this training, we can now anticipate and react to the expectations of our clients.

Our management completed the Lean Six Sigma training with success and is qualified to work together with our clients to improve the quality of our services:

Furthermore, we have established a dedicated room in our office to facilitate improvement teams with all necessary tools. The goal is to invite our valued clients on a regular basis to discuss their strategies and brainstorm on how we can to improve our services to meet their demands. With this, we again set a new standard for this industry!

Our dedicated room for improvement projects:

If you want more information about Operational Excellence and how it can positively affect your business, please contact Sander Momberg:

Sander Momberg

Compliance Manager