MME digitizes traditional film

22-01-16 |

MME has recently acquired equipment to digitize your films. This new way of archiving is more in line with your wishes as a customer and the demand for flexibility.

Simply put MME digitizes your films according to the required quality standards. You can supply these using traditional mail. MME provides the type of storage and file naming in collaboration with you. After scanning, you will have your traditional films returned to you together with an external hard disk containing the digitized films. These films can now be spread worldwide as digital files for further assessment.

In summary

  • Results can be supplied digital without any delay accelerating the evaluation process (worldwide);
  • Reduction of physical archives;
  • Optimal data integrity and digital data management;
  • Advanced search methods and accelerated data sending;
  • No charges for sending physical mail with risks of damage or loss;
  • Storage of data is in accordance with the applicable standard;
  • You decide how the data files are named;
  • You decide the storage media on which the data is stored;
  • More radiographic information visible in comparison with the traditional method;
  • Increased level of service, customer loyalty and customer satisfaction.

MME hopes to have captured your interest with the modernization of its possibilities. Should you wish to receive further information on this subject please do not hesitate to contact our Sales department at 0180-482800/28 or



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