MME Group protects Belgium's largest Offshore Wind Farm against corrosion

14-03-17 |

Ridderkerk, The Netherlands, Tuesday 14. March 2017 - MME Group and Van Oord recently signed a contract for cathodic protection of the Norther Offshore Wind Farm. Under the contract, MME Group engineers, supplies and commissions internal and external Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) systems for the 44 monopile WTG foundations and the Offshore High Voltage Station of the wind farm.

MME Group Norther OWF

The signing session took place at Van Oord offices in Gorinchem, The Netherlands. Pieter Moerland, General Manager of MME Group's Cathodic Protection division: " After successful delivery and operation of our ICCP systems for the largest German and Dutch OWFs (Bard Offshore 1 & Gemini) we are now honoured to contribute to "A Longer Life" for Belgium's largest OWF. With more than 10 European OWFs protected by our systems, this deal is a clear demonstration of our dedication to customer oriented, high-quality solutions paying off."

Rob de Jong (L), Van Oord and Pieter Moerland, MME Group (R)

The Norther OWF will have a maximum capacity of 370 MW and is built in the Belgian North Sea, within the Exclusive Economic Zone of Belgium, approximately 23 kilometres from the Belgian port of Zeebrugge. The concession was granted at the end of 2009, which is when the actual development of the Project began. Van Oord is the main contractor for engineering, procurement, supply and installation of the foundations, the Offshore High Voltage Station and the inter-array and export cables.

About MME Group
Corrosion is one of the largest threats to the long-term integrity and profitability of offshore constructions. MME Group has decades of accumulated knowledge and experience in applying sacrificial anodes and impressed current systems to protect these structures. With in-house corrosion engineering (FEM-analysis) and value added services such as Non-Destructive Testing, IRATA certified Rope Access and a destructive testing and corrosion laboratory, MME Group provides a “One Stop Shop” for OWF integrity.

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