‘Stop-and-go’ by MME Group on European offshore wind farm

22-07-15 |

MME Group well known for its main activities ‘material research’, ‘material tests’ and ‘corrosion control’ has recently finished NDT inspections on European offshore wind substructures. To keep the run time as short as possible the inspectors of MME Group have used rope access techniques to gain access to the inspection locations at the internal and external of multiple transition pieces.

Rope Access offshore

Inspection of an offshore wind farm

Fully trained NDT inspectors have performed visual testing, Eddy current testing, magnetic particle inspections and ultrasonic testing at the height of the boat landing, central column and the area underneath the work platform. All inspections were carried out in accordance with the DNV classification.

To guarantee maximum safety towards all concerned parties an extended risk assessment was carried out and the NDT inspectors were additionally trained according to the IRATA Code of Practice (the leading standard for industrial climbing). All work activities were carried under the supervision of an experienced IRATA Level 3 Supervisor.

With the use of rope access techniques in combination with fully trained and certified NDT inspectors, MME Group was able to provide its client with an effective ‘stop-and-go’ on their offshore wind farm. Or, as we call it: ‘business excellence at heights’.

‘A longer life’, the mission of MME Group, can be found in all their services and products performed and delivered day in day out. On daily base the services of MME Group are used globally in the branches marine and offshore, (renewable) energy, (petrochemical) industry, aerospace and civil infrastructure.

Nowadays MME Group counts a respectable number of almost 300 employees who are working on the integrity of client’s assets.


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