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Check out our webshop which offers Sacrificial Anodes for mainly Leisure boating.

For sacrificial anodes for Inland shipping and Seagoing vessels please contact us by phone or e-mail.

Cathodic Protection Surveys

Cathodic protection is used to control the corrosion of a wide variety of submerged metallic structures. It has proved to be a cost-effective way to extend the life of structures.

Sacrificial anodes

One of MME Group’s specialties is corrosion control by means of cathodic protection. Since steel is the most widely used material for marine structures such as ships or offshore platforms, some form of corrosion protection is needed in order to ensure a reasonable lifetime for these structures. MME Group’s sacrificial anodes are manufactured in a professional, fully owned production facility.

Whether it concerns ships, harbour installations, docks or floodgates, corrosion is one of the biggest threats to your investment. Cathodic protection is a very effective measure against corrosion. MME Group offers the following products:

  • sacrificial anodes
  • anode inspections
  • corrosion inspections
  • photographic reports
  • consultancy

Commercial shipping

Anodes for vessels, boats and ships

Traditionally, many vessels are fitted with sacrificial anodes for hull protection. The steel of a structure is protected when sacrificial anodes of a less noble metal are attached to the structure. Two different alloys are particularly suited for doing this in a cost-efficient way: zinc alloys and aluminium alloys.

We offer anodes for the following types of vessels:

  • tug boats
  • dredgers
  • fishing boats
  • cutters
  • passenger vessels
  • cruise ships
  • tankers
  • container vessels
  • bulk carriers
  • etc.

Leisure boating and water sports (webshop)

Anodes buy online at MME webshop

In our webshop you can order sacrificial anodes for your boat, yacht or motor vessel. The product range consists of zinc and aluminum anodes that will protect your asset against corrosion.

The following types of anodes can be found in our webshop:

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Anodes for ports, harbours and jetties
Ports, harbours and jetties

The corrosion attack on the steelwork in ports, harbours and jetties is non-uniform, and the accelerated attack of pile wall installations by corrosion has also caused problems in the past. Corrosion will affect the structural integrity of port and harbour installations. The application of sacrificial anodes can stop the corrosion process and assure the future of harbour and port installations.


Offshore anodes
Offshore jacket

The spud cans and steel structures of jackup drilling rigs and platform rigs have to be preserved by means of cathodic protection. MME Group’s aluminium sacrificial anodes are suitable for all types of applications and can be used for protecting:

  • harbours
  • jetties
  • platforms
  • ship hulls
  • ballast tanks
  • drill rigs
  • pipelines
  • offshore windmill parks

Renewable Energy

Anodes for wenewable energy
Renewable Energy

With fifty years of experience as an independent company in the marine and offshore industries, MME Group has expanded its activities to the renewable energy industry. MME Group is the main supplier of products and services for corrosion prevention by means of cathodic protection to offshore oil and gas companies, port authorities, civil engineering companies and offshore wind turbine manufacturers. Currently, MME Group is working on a number of projects in wind, water and tidal power generation.

MME Sacrificial Anodes catalog

The range of products listed in our web shop is primarily focused on the pleasure craft and is just a small selection of our total supply of sacrificial anodes. Besides the production of anodes for pleasure we also design and produce anodes for commercial shipping. These items are available in our catalog.

You can download our anode booklet here.

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