Harbinger Boarding Equipment

MME Group offers a range of high quality seawater resistant aluminium gangways, accommodation ladders and other manufactured access equipment.

Accommodation ladders (ISO 5488)

Harbinger offers seawater resistant aluminium, fixed curved step accommodation ladders with extruded treads providing a safe walking surface with angles of inclination ranging from 0 to 55 degrees from horizontal. The ladder has solid, lightweight stringers of own design fitted with wire guides.

The revolving top platform is a mild steel construction with a durbar slip-resistant deck. The platform can rotate 180 degrees and has a double-angle understay and chains. The standard-issue accommodation ladders have:

  • fixed curved steps
  • adjustable lower platform
  • hand ropes and half-height manropes
  • quay roller at shore end
  • nylon roller on ship end
  • aluminium tubular portable self-locking stanchions mounted in sockets at two sides

Stowing systems

Service on accomodation ladder
Service on accomodation ladder
Accomodation ladder
Accomodation ladder

The Harbinger standard range of stowing equipment is manufactured in mild steel and has:

  • revolving top platform
  • davit arm
  • davit post
  • torque tube

Optional extras for the stowing systems include winch, winch seat, waisted rollers and stowage posts. Deck-welded equipment is has a coat of weldable primer, while the other equipment comes with suitable corrosion protection. Stowing systems are available for our standard ranges of accommodation ladders or can be designed to fit an existing ladder. All equipment can be built to fulfil our customer’s exact needs.