Marine Growth Prevention Systems

Marine fouling in seawater cooling systems is a threat to the performance of ships and installations. To reduce this risk, MME Group developed the Marine Growth Prevention System (MGPS)

Cathodic Protection Systems

MME Group has extensive experience in the design, production and distribution of both sacrificial anodes and impressed current systems (ICCP).

Box Coolers

Cooling systems using box coolers are constantly exposed to seawater and can easily build up heavy marine fouling. Marine growth like algae, mussels and barnacles can have a negative effect on the system’s heat transfer. Corrosion also forms a threat to these systems.

Antifouling systems

To prevent marine growth in coated box coolers, MME advises to install a dedicated antifouling system. Specially alloyed anodes receive a direct current from an advaced self regulating controller unit. This will dissolve copper ions at the anode location, thus creating an environment that discourages marine growth. The anodes can easily be replaced during dry-docking.

Anti Corrosion

Next to marine growth, corrosion is also a threat to box coolers. MME developed the patented MAGIC-system (Marine Anti-Growth and Impressed Current), that combines the benefits of the impressed current systems (ICCP) and the antifouling systems (MGPS). When installed, the box cooler is protected against fouling and corrosion.