Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Using non-destructive testing, invisible deviations in materials can be found and evaluated.


Our highly advanced laboratory combined with the skills and experience of our qualified engineers guarantee a high-quality service for our customers.

Chemical laboratory

Our chemical laboratory has two major tasks: carrying out chemical analyses and corrosion testing.

For carrying out chemical analyses, we have several analysing methods available, one of them being positive material identification (PMI). PMI equipment is used when (semi)quantitative on-site analyses are needed. There are two types of PMI equipment available:

  • spark discharge optical emission spectrometry (OES) is used for analysing iron and non-ferrous metals (like aluminium-, nickel- and copper-based alloys). OES can determine the carbon equivalent value, that indicates the harden and welding abilities of the metal
  • x-ray fluorescence spectrometry, mainly used for high-alloy steels (like stainless steel and nickel alloys)