Marine Services

In the industry, MME’s Marine Services division is a specialist in ultrasonic thickness and close-up surveys.

Cathodic Protection Systems

MME Group has extensive experience in the design, production and distribution of both sacrificial anodes and impressed current systems (ICCP).


MME Group has the facilities and know-how to prepare the reports required by all classification societies:

  • General and Specific condition assessments
  • Corrosion rate assessments
  • Repair specifications
  • CAP, Marspec and Safehull surveys

The reports are available in different file formats using various types of data storage, accepted by all classification societies and other authorities requiring structural condition assessments.

Reporting for classification societies

Marine services with full report

The modern quality management system guarantees full conversion with the newest reporting methods specified by the classification societies. MME Group is constantly improving the methods and procedures of its own reporting department.

CAS: 3D visualisation

CAS 3D visualisation
3D visualisation

MME Group was invited to participate in the European inspection project CAS, which has been developing a standard for 3D visualisation of ships to increase the reliability of condition assessments. The project resulted in partnership with different classification societies, helping them to develop their own reporting software.