Marine Services

In the industry, MME’s Marine Services division is a specialist in ultrasonic thickness and close-up surveys.

Cathodic Protection Surveys

Cathodic protection is used to control the corrosion of a wide variety of submerged metallic structures. It has proved to be a cost-effective way to extend the life of structures.

Ultrasonic Leak Detection

For ship owners, keeping cargo holds dry is a major concern. Obviously, the cargo needs to be protected from the elements, but for the long term integrity and the safety of the vessel itself, it is also of utmost importance to keep (sea)water out. Nevertheless, sea water ingress is one of the major sources of damage resulting in expensive insurance claims.

MME Group supports A Longer Life for both cargo and ship with a specific service that helps ship owners and operators to quickly and effectively evaluate cargo hold hatch covers and door seals to determine water leaks and weather tightness.

Watch the video below to see how Ultrasonic Leak Detection is carried out:

Ultrasonic Leak Detection is a cost-effective and non-destructive method to localize and solve potential problems before they can cause any damage.

This technology can be used to inspect:

  • Cargo hatch covers or doors
  • Cargo access area & watertight doors
  • Bulkheads water tightness integrity
  • Other hatches or openings that need to be sealed

Areas of application:

  • Merchant fleet
  • Large yachts
  • Dry-docks (large energy savings through compressed air leak detection)
  • All other vessel types


  • Cost-effective
  • Inspections can be carried out with cargo in place
  • Rapid and thorough test of seal integrity
  • Environmentally friendly
  • More accurate than hose or chalk testing
  • Can be used in confined spaces

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