Marine Services

In the industry, MME’s Marine Services division is a specialist in ultrasonic thickness and close-up surveys.

Cathodic Protection Systems

MME Group has extensive experience in the design, production and distribution of both sacrificial anodes and impressed current systems (ICCP).

Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements (UTM)

MME’s Marine Services division is a specialist in ultrasonic thickness surveys. The reliable condition assessment of a ship is not only of importance to the owner, but also a commitment to our society. With an ever-increasing demand for quality and safety in the maritime industry, MME Group has maintained a leading role in the market for over fifty years.

The inspectors are certified to international standards as ISO 9712 and are familiar with the requirements of all classification societies. Assessing the condition of steel structures and analysing thickness measurements are part of their competence. Surveys can be carried out worldwide, in ports, in shipyards or at sea. With 50 years of experience we have examined more than 25000 vessels.

CAP survey

CAP stands for Condition Assessment Program, and is an assessment of the overall condition of the ship. Based on a detailed onboard inspection, performance checks, ultrasonic thickness measurements and steel strength assessments, a rating is provided.

Special survey

Certified by all major classification societies as a service provider, in accordance with IACS’s Unified Requirement and with inspectors certified to international standards, MME Group offers a high quality service to responsible ship-owners and managers, allowing them to fulfil class requirements.

Rope Access Services

Above activities also apply to our MME’s rope access services: our specialists are fully IRATA certified, they work with the best available materials and meet the strictest requirements and (safety) regulations. Using our rope access service nearly every remote area can be reached, less or no scaffolding and cranes at all are needed, which further reduces the costs.

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