Marine Services

In the industry, MME’s Marine Services division is a specialist in ultrasonic thickness and close-up surveys.

Cathodic Protection Systems

MME Group has extensive experience in the design, production and distribution of both sacrificial anodes and impressed current systems (ICCP).

Video reporting

MME Group has a wide range of video inspection tools, varying from endoscopes for internal inspection of machinery to self propelled inspection vehicles for ballast and cargo lines. In combination with thickness measurements, this service provides useful additional information on a component or structure.

Close-up inspections

Using helmet mounted cameras, the inspectors are able to provide a clear picture of the areas they inspect or measure. This information will be edited and combined with other inspection results. This provides owners and class surveyors with the optimum information.

For areas that are difficult to reach like under the deck of bulk carriers, high quality pan-tilt-zoom cameras are available.