Digital Radiography

MME Group offers Digital Radiography (DR) services for a wide range of industrial applications. Traditional radiography, that uses film which is developed with chemicals still plays an important role. However, there are some serious advantages to Digital Radiography.

Savings on time and consumables

As anywhere in industry, time is money. Digital Radiography allows for a quicker and  more efficient workflow. Acquiring an image takes less time and the result is displayed on screen immediately. Furthermore, there is no extra expenditure for film and chemicals as is the case with traditional radiography.

Quality and usability

The state of the art system we use produces deliverables that comply with multiple international standards such as:

  • EN 16407 -1,2
  • ISO 17636-2 2013(E)
  • ASME Section V article 2
  • BOEING 7044 Ver C


MME Group Digital Radiography services are highly suitable for application in Civil Engineering, Construction, Aerospace, Shipbuilding, Oil & Gas, Power & Nuclear and Chemical & Process industry.

Digital Radiography can be used for:

  • On-stream Wall Thickness Measurements
  • Inspection for Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)
  • Castings
  • Welds
  • Paintings and other art objects
  • Electronics parts

All the advantages at a glance

Time & Cost

  • Shorter image acquisition time
  • No need to return to office for film development
  • No expenditure for film & chemicals
  • Digital archiving & reporting possibilities
  • Direct / real-time images can be sent via WIFI or 3G


  • Brightness, contrast and magnification adjustable during / after shooting
  • Apply image processing, measurements, calculations and annotations
  • Resolution comparable to or higher than HQ film
  • Higher dynamic range than film (easier to get good shot the first time)
  • Remotely operated with tablet

Flexibility & Safety

  • Significantly lower radiation dose and exposure time
  • Highly mobile system usable in combination with Rope Access
  • Rugged & weather proof
  • Battery operated (16 hrs / 1000 images with single charge)
  • Compact & portable