Time-of-Flight Diffraction (ToFD)

Time-of-Flight Diffraction Ultrasonic Testing is among the most modern testing methods for the detection of imperfections and defects in materials. Conventional Ultrasonic Testing uses sound reflection. ToFD testing measures the time-of-flight of an ultrasonic pulse to determine the position of a reflector. The application of this method is fast and extremely accurate. This has resulted in an increasing popularity over the last few years.

During the ToFD testing no ionising radiation is emitted. The equipment is portable and easy in operate, so our technicians can perform ToFD testing at any place and anytime, without disturbing production activities.

ToFD testing is widely applicable, and MME Group often uses this method in combination with other testing methods. The method is mostly applied to examine welds, but can also be used for the inspection of forgings, hulls, vessels, deck spaces and steel constructions.

Advantages of ToFD in a nutshell

ToFD testing
Comprehensive and clear reporting

Reasons for choosing MME Group for ToFD testing:

  • most reliable and accurate test method
  • comprehensive and clear reporting
  • applicable on materials with thicknesses from 8 to 200 millimetres
  • testing anyplace, anytime by using portable equipment
  • digital test data, providing immediate feedback
  • no harmful ionising radiation
  • production activities are not interrupted during testing
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