Playground & Recreational Safety

Playing it safe

Playing is indispensable for the intellectual, social, motoric and emotional development of children. Playground equipment and other recreational objects can therefore be found everywhere in our living environment. Indoor and outdoor playgrounds, amusement parks, schoolyards, swimming pools and sports grounds are just a few examples. Children can only enjoy the beneficial effects of play if it can take place in a safe environment.

In The Netherlands, all playground equipment that is not intended for private use needs to be inspected in compliance with the Commodities Act on Attractions and Playground Equipment (Warenwetbesluit Attractie- en Speeltoestellen). MME Group has been appointed by the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport to  inspect and certify playground equipment according to the applicable standards.

Quite literally, supporting A Longer Life starts with creating a safe playing environment for the youngest and most vulnerable members of our society.

You can come to us for testing, certification and periodic inspection of:

  • Outdoor & indoor playground equipment
  • Inflatable play equipment
  • Water slides
  • Water play equipment & spray parks
  • Natural playing environments
  • Climbing parks and walls
  • Skate parks
  • Safety surfaces (HIC test)

Contact us by phone +31 (0)167 52 50 39 or send an e-mail to:


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