Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Using non-destructive testing, invisible deviations in materials can be found and evaluated.

MME NDT Training Centre

1 Februariweg 6
4794 SM Heijningen
The Netherlands
Tel.:  +31 (0)167 52 50 20
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NDT Training Centre

MME Group delivers quality. And to do that, we need qualified people. Therefore we invest in targeted training for our people. Our NDT Training Centre, the first one in The Netherlands, has been facilitating various courses in Non-Destructive Testing since 1969. Besides training our own inspectors, we also teach a variety of inspection methods to the staff of other inspection organisations, quality services and laboratories.

Participants who pass the exams and meet the other requirements of the norm, are awarded certificates that are in accordance with ISO 9712 (formerly EN 473). These certificates are issued by Hobéon SKO.

MME Group offers the following courses:

Accredited work placement company

MME Group is an 'accredited work placement company' by the SBB. Vocational education and business, trade and industry collaborate within SBB to provide students with the best possible practical training with a view to gaining employment. Businesses are thus provided with the most highly qualified professionals.

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  • Course Ultrasonic Inspection

    Generally, Ultrasonic Testing is used for two purposes: measuring thickness or detecting...
  • Course Radiographic Testing

    Radiography is an important research method in non-destructive testing. Materials are...
  • Course Magnetic Particle Inspection

    This inspection method is used for detecting surface defects in ferromagnetic materials. A...
  • Course Penetrant Testing

    This research method is applied to find defects that have an open connection to the...
  • Eddy current inspection

    Eddy Current Testing is applied to detect deviations and structural differences in a...
  • Course Visual Inspection

    MME Group uses endoscopy for conducting visual inspections in areas that are difficult to...
  • Course Film Interpretation

    Our course in Radiographic Film Interpretation starts where the Radiographic Testing course...
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