Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Using non-destructive testing, invisible deviations in materials can be found and evaluated.

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Course Ultrasonic Testing

Generally, Ultrasonic Testing is used for two purposes: measuring thickness or detecting internal defects in a material. Using this inspection method, high-frequency sound pulses are emitted through the material, and subsequently, the reflections of these pulses indicate thickness or internal defects. The amount of sound that is reflected is used to determine the size of the defect and is compared to a gage block with artificial defects. On the basis of this comparison, the material is approved or disapproved.

MME Group offers courses for Ultrasonic Testing on levels I and II in accordance with the international standards of the American Society for Non-Destructive Testing (ASNT) and Hobéon SKO (ISO 9712, formerly EN 473).

Ultrasonic Testing course duration:

Ultrasonic Testing
Ultrasonic Testing

Level 1: course 10 days, exam 1,5 day
Level 2: when level 1 is obtained: course 10 days, exam 1,5 day
Level 2: if level 1 is not obtained: course 15 days, exam 1,5 day

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