MME Group supports preservation of the famous Dutch windmills. These magnificent landmarks are part of Unesco World Heritage Kinderdijk in The Netherlands. By applying modern Non Destructive Testing methods, we help the custodians of the windmills to assess material integrity. This allows them to keep using historic parts as long as possible without compromising safety of visitors and staff. 

By applying modern technology, MME Group helps us preserve Unesco World Heritage

— Jan Willem de Winter - Kinderdijk Miller

The seventeenth century Blokweer polder windmill, is one of the two windmills of the Kinderdijk site that are open to the public. The cast iron drive shaft of the windmill's mechanism, dating from 1868, started heating up during operation. Therefore, the foundation in charge of preservation made repairs to the bearing. They also wanted to know, whether the heat had caused changes in the material properties of the cast iron.

MME Group's Testing & Inspection Division carried out a Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) to assess the shaft's surface structure. No cracks or other significant irregularities were discovered. Based on this result, the foundation decided the shaft didn't need replacing. After having the running surface of the shaft machined, it was possible to keep using the historic part. MME Group is proud to have contributed to "A Longer Life" for both the windmill and the thousands of international visitors it attracts every year.

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