Destructive Metallurgical Laboratory

Creating reliable constructions and products starts with the quality of the used base materials. The primary production process as well as subsequent machining, heat treatment and other operations influence material properties. Making sure that the used materials meet the applicable standards and requirements therefore plays a vital role in all industries.

Our highly specialised Destructive Testing Laboratory has decades of experience in supporting base material producers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in this field. The combination of both non-destructive and destructive testing and an in-house machining shop for production of testing specimens means MME Group can deliver high quality testing services with short lead times at competitive rates.

Our specialisations:

  • Qualification of welding procedures and welders according to EN15614 / ISO 9606-1 / ASME and AWS
  • Testing for upgrading of metal semi-finished products (plates, pipes, shafts, forgings and castings)
  • Bolts, nuts and other mechanical fasteners according to ISO 898
  • Gears (a.o. hardening depth)
  • Testing of cutting edge roughness, hardness and squareness according to EN-1090-2
  • Failure analysis

Destructive Testing Services

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