Metallurgical Laboratory

In addition to chemical analysis and mechanical tests, examination of the metallographic structure also provides valuable information about the material quality. Macroscopic and microscopic examinations, for example, can give information about casting defects, flow pattern after forging, rolling direction, inclusion content / cleanliness, type of structure (austenite/ferrite/bainite/martensite), grain size, amount of ferrite, depth of (de)carburisation, etc.

Hardness tests on microscopic scale make it possible to determine the hardness depth of case hardened layers, the hardness of small particles or the hardness of secondary phases in the microstructure.

Our laboratory is fully equipped for metallographic examinations using state of the art microscopes, micro and macro cameras and Vickers hardness testers. 

Our in-house machine shop prepares the test pieces for examination which allows for short lead times at competitive rates. Scroll down for a full list of the metallurgical tests our laboratory offers or contact us for more information.

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Our metallographic examinations:

  • Macro and micro structure examinations
  • Macroetch testing according to ASTM E381
  • Detecting susceptibility to intergranular attack according to ASTM A262 Practice A
  • Detecting detrimental intermetallic phases according to ASTM A923 method A
  • Determination of grain size according to ASTM E112 and ISO 643
  • Determination of case-hardened depth according to ISO 2639 and ISO 18203
  • Determination of decarburization in bolts and studs according to ISO 898-1
  • Determination of content of nonmetallic inclusions according to ISO 4967, ASTM E45, DIN 50602
  • Ferrite measurements according to ASTM E562 or using Feritscope (also possible on location)

Henk Schroots

Area Sales Manager NDT & Laboratory

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