Cathodic Protection

Corrosion is one of the largest threats to the long-term integrity and profitability of assets. In fact, almost 4% of the total global GDP is lost to corrosion. Ships, offshore rigs, offshore wind turbines, harbour installations, flood gates and other marine structures need effective protection against corrosion. This should therefore be made a priority during planning, engineering, production and operation of these assets.

Failing to do so, could negatively impact your ROI because of increased maintenance cost. Ultimately, even loss of lives, and with it your reputation as asset manager, are a realistic risk.

MME Group has decades of accumulated knowledge and experience in applying sacrificial anodes and impressed current systems to protect marine structures against corrosion. 

We are very pleased that after 25 years of operation, the MME Group ICCP system is still working properly
— Ron Stoltz - Skipper of Markerwadden II
MME Group is a single point of contact for NDT, UTM, sacrificial anodes, ICCP and ICAF systems. We value the flexibility and convenience they bring us.
— Arjan Sebel - Damen Shiprepair Harlingen
Case Marker Wadden

"A Longer Life" for both vessel and nature

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Cathodic Protection Solutions

Sacrificial Anodes
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Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP)
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Shaft Grounding Systems
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Monitoring Systems
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Research & Development
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Corrosion Protection Testing Extended
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