A word from an MME employee: Simon Marijs

The section 'A word from an MME employee' says it all, in this section we put one of our employees in the spotlights! In this way you get a look behind the scenes at MME Group. This time Simon Marijs is in the spotlight. Simon started at MME Group in March 2021 as a Junior maritime inspector at our headquarter in Ridderkerk.


Meet Simon Marijs

Simon tells: ”I have 10 years’ experience as a first officer on heavy cargo ships, the adventurous aspect was very important to me. Despite the fact that I still had a lot of fun as first officer, after the birth of our son I started looking for work closer to home, because the long periods away from home became too difficult.

“Rope access work has always interested me, but I couldn't find a permanent job. At some point I came across MME Group and saw that they are active and specialized in Rope Access. I sent an open application.
The MME Group recruitment agency; Quality LinQ contacted me fairly quick. They indicated that they had an open position as Junior maritime inspector and asked if I might be interested in this job.”


Junior maritime inspector

“During this position you will be trained to become an experienced maritime inspector through a traineeship. As a maritime inspector you inspect metal structures of, for example, ships using NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) in the Netherlands and abroad. In addition, climbing (inspections using Rope Access) is also commonly used in this position, which seemed the perfect combination to me.”

“Through Quality LinQ, I was introduced to MME Group. After a short application procedure, I was allowed to start as a Junior maritime inspector in March 2021.” (Would you like to know more about the Maritime inspector position? Click here.)


What makes you enjoy going to work every day?

“I like the position at MME Group very much! Within this position I can climb a lot, the work is adventurous, varied and I keep the advantages of a permanent job. In addition, I can be at home with my family almost every night.”

“Via Qualty LinQ I have already followed and passed several NDT courses at the training centre of MME Group and I gained a lot of experience within the field. I am still learning a lot, so my work remains very varied. My experience gained during my life at sea remains very valuable in this position.

“After a year working for Quality LinQ, I received a year contract with MME Group. I would like to thank Quality LinQ for the good cooperation and guidance. Thank you Annemarijn.”


Would you like to know more about the Maritime inspector position?

Please contact one of our recruiters via 0180-487755 or jobs@mme-group.com. For other positions within MME Group, check our career section.

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