Automated Ultrasonic Testing

When you’re dealing with a large material surface, manual testing takes more time and the Probability of Detection (PoD) is lower, than would be the case with a small test object. MME Group provides a suitable solution with automated Ultrasonic Testing. This involves the use of an advanced robot that rides along the surface of the inspected material on magnetic wheels. The device scans the material automatically over a 60 cm wide area using Phased Array technology. The test data is stored digitally, making later analysis possible.

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  • Less than 5 minutes of configuration time
  • High density of measured data points
  • High speed of data acquisition
  • Highest possible Probability of Detection (PoD)
  • Possibility to scan curved surfaces
  • Test data recorded digitally



  • Establishing wall thickness reduction caused by corrosion, wear and erosion
  • Corrosion monitoring
  • Plate examination
  • Clad bonding check
  • Weld examination

Henk Schroots

Area Sales Manager NDT & Laboratory

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