Periodic inspection of amusement devices

Over time, attractions in amusement parks or at fairgrounds can become a risk to users due to wear and tear and aging. As the owner or manager, you obviously want to prevent incidents and resulting injuries and liability. You also have a management obligation in this respect. This means that you must ensure that the attraction remains in good condition throughout its entire lifespan through in-service inspections. It also means that you keep records of maintenance in a form-free file or logbook.

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In addition to carrying out regular maintenance inspections, amusement devices have to be inspected periodically by a designated inspection body, or AKI.

MME Group is a designated inspection body (AKI) and is therefore the right partner for in-service periodic inspections of all your fairground and amusement park rides such as roller coasters, merry-go-rounds, trampolines, giant wheels, cable cars, go-kart tracks, haunted houses, drop towers, swing rides, etc.



MME Group is accredited by the Council of Accreditation in accordance with EN-ISO/IEC 17020 as a type A inspection body for periodic inspections of amusement devices.

Our expert inspectors assess the condition of your attraction equipment on the basis of the applicable standards and criteria, such as EN 13814 and the Dutch Attraction and Playground Equipment Decree. If shortcomings are found, our report gives a clear overview of the points you need to address. This guarantees a minimum safety level and allows you to meet your obligations as set out in the law.

By contracting MME Group for the periodic inspection, you efficiently fulfill your management obligation. In this way, you comply with the legislation and the safety of your amusement devices is guaranteed.

In many cases it is also necessary to inspect attraction equipment by means of Non Destructive Testing (NDT). MME Group is a leading player in this field and you can therefore contact us for both inspections and NDT of attractions. Click here for more information about NDT

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  • What are amusement devices?

    According to Dutch legislation (Warenwetbesluit attractie- en speeltoestellen), an amusement device is a device, whether or not permanently installed, for moving people, which is intended for entertainment or relaxation and which is powered by a non-human source of energy. It includes, for example, roller coasters, fairground rides, rodeos, simulators, powered bungee trampolines, etc.

  • How often should in-service inspections of amusement devices be carried out?

    According to Dutch legislation, an attraction must be inspected by a designated inspection authority (AKI) every one, two or three years. The frequency of the periodic inspections depends on the nature of the equipment. For example, an attraction device with high speeds or high g-forces will have to be inspected more often than a slow, simple attraction. On the basis of Dutch legislation (Warenwetbesluit attractie- en speeltoestellen) and the accompanying additional regulations, we can determine the inspection interval of your amusement device(s) for you. In the time between periodic inspections, you should inspect and maintain your amusement equipment at appropriate intervals to keep it in good and safe condition.

René van Tilborg

Manager Playground & Recreational Safety

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