Steel renewal surveys & repairs

As a shipowner or operator, your priority is keeping your vessels safe, compliant and profitable. To achieve this, timely repairs are necessary. However, taking the vessel out of operation, inspecting its condition and determining required repairs causes considerable expenses.

To make this process as efficient as possible, you need one partner for pre-docking inspection, coating inspection, steel renewal calculations and repair supervision. MME Group has decades of experience in this field. We can take care of the entire process which allows you to focus on your core responsibilities. 

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Our steel renewal and repair service process:

Steel survey

We carry out a full steel survey to determine the condition of the vessel’s steel structures and assess the need for and extent of steel repairs and renewals. Usually, this survey is combined with Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements (UTM). 

Coating inspection

If required, we carry out coating inspections to determine the condition of the vessel’s coating. The assessment is based on visual inspection and expected diminution of areas where the coating is damaged. The inspection report includes a photo report and provides adequate information about the coating condition and required measures for life time extension. If the exact cause of corrosion is unclear, our Cathodic Protection & MGPS Division can carry out a Corrosion Inspection and advise on an adequate remedy.

Steel calculation

Following a Steel survey, Special survey, CAP survey or owner’s interest inspection, a steel renewal plan can be created, showing the location and extent of necessary repairs. This will include weight calculations and specifications. You can use our repair specification to get quotes from steel suppliers and repair yards. 

Repair supervision

When the need for steel renewal has been assessed and the vessel is sent to dry-dock for repairs, our experienced inspectors can supervise the repair process. This includes marking of areas to be repaired, quality control and reporting of the repair process.

MME Group is certified for UTM inspections by the following class societies:

Visit our download section for a full overview of all UTM certificates.


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