A word from an MME employee: Hans Jelle den Boer

The recurring section 'A word from an MME employee' says it all, in this section we put one of our employees in the spotlights! In this way you will get a look behind the scenes at MME Group. This time Hans Jelle den Boer is in the spotlight. Since July 2012, Hans Jelle has been working at MME Group. He started as NDT Inspector and he is now working as a Procedure Technician at our main office in Ridderkerk.


Meet Hans Jelle

Hans Jelle says: “I am Hans Jelle den Boer, 38 years old, married and father of two boys. I have loved technology from an early age. In 2012 I came across with Non-Destructive Testing and have been captivated by it ever since.
Before 2012 I actually knew nothing about the world of research in shipbuilding, pressure vessels, piping and rollercoaster parts, etc. So, as inexperienced as I was, I followed my first NDT course Magnetic Testing (MT). But over the years, I feel completely at home in the world of inspection. In between I worked for another two years at a pressure vessel manufacturer as Quality Control, but in 2020 I returned to MME Group, because of the flexible options and new job position as a Procedure Technician.”


Procedure Technician

"Within MME Group, I started as a Junior NDT Inspector. In a Caddy, I drove halfway across the country to perform Magnetic, Penetrant, Visual, Ultrasonic, Radiographic, and Eddy Current testing. Over the years, I have gained a lot of experience. That experience now serves me well as I write the procedures that my colleagues use in the field. In addition, I answer technical questions from a very diverse customer base.”

"I spend most of my time writing procedures and processing and keeping up to date with the latest standards. It's not for everyone, but I enjoy it and find it very interesting to dive into a standard and extract what is useful for the investigation. For example, to find out; What conditions are required? What specific requirements must be met according to the end customer? Or why is something not possible at all? In this way, I can help a customer well in the early stages of a project.”

"Occasionally, I still perform special NDT inspections in the field. This is often with an inspector from a classification bureau or with the customer. A while ago, for example, I was allowed to search for a leak in the engine compartment on a luxury yacht in southern France."


What makes you enjoy going to work every day?

“I have a nice varied job and I work in a great team who are all very experienced and helpful. Management is willing to think flexibly to combine your private life and work in a good manner."


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