Monitoring Systems

In most branches of industry, Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) is becoming the standard. Real-time monitoring of corrosion parameters plays a crucial role in this. MME Group ICCP systems allow for real-time assessment of protection levels and other important data points. 

Web-based remote monitoring for fixed assets

For fixed assets such as harbour quay walls, offshore wind farms and offshore rigs, we offer the option of a customized web-based ICCP monitoring portal. This gives asset managers insight in the protection levels of each individual asset. As a result, you are able minimize maintenance cost and maximize performance and ROI.

Our new ICCP & ICAF user interface

We are continuously improving our systems. MME Group has created a new way of operating, monitoring and maintaining these protective systems.

Please check out our new ICCP & ICAF user interface, the AKBv3.

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Eric Bouman

Sales Manager Cathodic Protection & MGPS

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