Introducing AKBv3, our new ICCP & ICAF user interface

Corrosion and Marine fouling are one of the largest threats to the performance of ships, offshore rigs, offshore wind turbines and harbour installations.

MME Group has decades of accumulated knowledge and experience in applying sacrificial anodes and impressed current systems to protect marine structures against corrosion and we've developed the Marine Growth Prevention System creating an environment which prevents the settlement of microorganisms.


We are continuously improving our systems. MME Group has created a new way of operating, monitoring and maintaining these protective systems.

MME Group presents the new user interface of our Anti-Fouling and Impressed Current Systems, the AKB version 3.

Watch our short video about the AKBv3:  

Introducing AKBv3, our new ICCP & ICAF user interface


  • Graphical presentation of the ship’s lay-out with the installed systems
  • Modular controller unit which can be installed at any preferred location
  • Quick troubleshooting and maintenance by means of QR code
  • Customisable scenarios for the operating the antifouling system, Reducing the environmental impact
  • Display of the remaining Anti-Fouling anodes
  • Enhanced logging which can be saved to an USB or sent by mail
  • Integrated maintenance system
  • Switching between dark- and light mode of the display


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