A word from an MME employee: Renata Magdolna Papp

The recurring section 'A word from an MME employee' says it all, in this section we put one of our employees in the spotlights! In this way you will get a look behind the scenes at MME Group. This time Renata Magdolna Papp is in the spotlight. From April 2023, Renata is working at MME Group as Order Controller at our Laboratory in Ridderkerk.


Meet Renata Magdolna Papp

Renata tells: “My name is Renata Magdolna Papp. I am Mechanical Engineer MSc. and Welding Engineer (IWT, IWE) with NDT level 2 and 3, extended with PED and IWI-C certification.

More than 15 years ago, I started my engineering and testing carrier. I was working in Hungary, Portugal and Norway on diverse projects in power plants, onshore and pipelines.

About 5 years ago, I moved to the Netherlands and started working as NDT Technician. During those years, I improved my knowledge in conventional- and advanced NDT techniques. I performed NDT inspections all over in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Among others, I am proud of the fact that I have regularly inspected high-pressure equipment (steam drums, feedwater- and degasser tanks) of many Dutch, Belgian and German power plants, foundries and chemical companies under the supervision of satisfied notification bodies.

Eventually I felt that I needed more professional challenges and wanted to reverse back to production and welding engineering. But I didn`t want to completely break away from material testing because with this experience I feel my professional preparation is completed. In March 2023 I successfully applied to MME Group and started working as Order Controller in the Laboratory in April 2023.”


Order Controller

“The department where I am working now, is responsible for all kinds of metallurgical tests as part of designing tests, certifying welders and welding procedures, as well as tests on raw materials, cast and forged finished products, reporting and informing our clients about the results of the inspections. We try to support our clients in every stage of the inspection process. We carry out destructive and non-destructive testing based on a wide variety of standards which always match the related regulations and customer requirements. The majority of our investigations are carried out under the supervision of surveyors of notification bodies.

The other part of my job is collecting, approving the technical content of the inspections and forwarding it to the finance department, where invoicing is done. Furthermore, ordering of utilities, consumables, safety equipment, tools and investments for our workshop, metallurgical-, chemical- and destructive laboratory department in cooperation with other MME Group departments. I do my very best to assist my colleagues with my ability and knowledge.”


What makes you enjoy going to work every day?

“My job combines metallurgy and engineering tasks which makes working very enjoyable.
There are predictable working hours and excellent working conditions. Without any exception, all my colleagues are very friendly, experienced and we can work together as a real team with all the employees of the Laboratory and other MME departments.
I am grateful for the help and support of my direct colleagues. And, special respect and thanks to Mr. Sjaak de Deugd, who was my best mentor with his kindness and decades of experience during our time working together.”


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