Impressed Current Anti-Fouling (MGPS)

Marine fouling in seawater cooling systems is a threat to the performance of ships and installations. Removal of marine growth in a ship's seawater lines also leads to increased cost and delays during maintenance. To reduce this risk, MME Group developed the Marine Growth Prevention System (MGPS), also known as Impressed Current Anti Fouling (ICAF).

MGPS / ICAF systems use copper anodes that are connected to a compact control unit. An impressed current is sent to the anodes which releases a small amount of copper ions into the water flowing through the ship’s sea water system or seachests, creating an environment which prevents the settlement of micro-organisms. 


Our new ICCP & ICAF user interface

We are continuously improving our systems. MME Group has created a new way of operating, monitoring and maintaining these protective systems.

Please check out our new ICCP & ICAF user interface, the AKBv3.

MME Group is a single point of contact for NDT, UTM, sacrificial anodes, ICCP and ICAF systems. We value the flexibility and convenience they bring us.

— Arjan Sebel - Damen Shiprepair Harlingen

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Advantages of MME Group MGPS / ICAF systems

  • No subscription fees
  • Free log sheet service
  • Efficient functioning of your vessel's cooling water and firefighting systems
  • Easy to install during newbuilding or as retrofit
  • Easy to maintain due to automatic operation
  • System fault alarm indication via LEDs, LCD screen and Modbus protocol
  • Additional corrosion prevention
  • No need to handle hazardous chemicals (as opposed to dosing systems)
  • Several ranges to suit vessels of every size
  • Cost effective, elimination of pipework cleaning
  • Lower energy consumption than electrochlorination
  • Compatible with both open and closed cooling systems

Free Log Sheet Service and No Subscription Fees!

Fed up with paying code renewal fees? Our systems have no subscription fees whatsoever. We offer replacement of subscription based systems at very sharp rates. Furthermore, all vessels that have MME Group ICCP and/or ICAF (MGPS) systems are eligible for our free Log Sheet Service. The vessel's chief engineer can fill out the daily system parameters in our digital log sheet (download below). These should be sent to our Cathodic Protection and MGPS division every month for analysis of the data. This free service allows you to detect any deviations before they can cause serious problems.


Make sure you are compliant

The EU Biocidals Products Regulation (EU BPR 528/2012) regulates the use of chemicals used to control organisms (biocidals) within the European Union and its waters. Impressed Current Anti-Fouling systems (ICAF) that make use of copper anodes (incl. replacement anodes) fall under this regulation. Any vessel owner, operator, shipyard (new build and repair/conversion) who purchases equipment or spare parts that fall under the EU BPR from a supplier that is not on the regulation’s Article 95 list, violates EU regulations and risks penalties from the relevant national supervising authority. This regulation applies as soon as a vessel enters EU waters. MME Group (Materiaal Metingen Europe B.V.) is an ECHA approved active substance and product supplier. Download the factsheet below for more information.

MGPS / ICAF Solutions

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Special Applications
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