The Basic Non-Destructive Testing Level 3 (Basic NDT 3) course is intended for experienced ISO 9712 Level 2 specialists (or a certificate/diploma acknowledged as equivalent by a certified instance) who wish to obtain a Level 3 qualification in one or multiple NDT methods according to ISO 9712.
By obtaining a Level 3 certificate, you are able to choose the NDT method for an inspection problem and the inspection can be carried out under your own responsibility.


The Basic NDT 3 course consists of different components.

  • Part A: Materials Science and Process Technology
  • Part B: Qualification and certification Systems (regulations HSKO, SNT-TC-1A, ISO 9712)
  • Part C: Basic NDT Theory (level 2 general knowledge in the methods RT, MT, PT, UT, ET, VT)

In addition to passing the Basic NDT 3 exam (the basic part), one or more (NDT) main method exams must be successfully completed to be eligible for a Level 3 certificate. A Level 3 exam therefore consists of two components: The Basic Part (Basic NDT 3) and the Main Method.

The Main Methods (NDT Methods) are:

  • Radiographic Testing level 3 (RT3)
  • Magnetic Testing level 3 (MT3)
  • Penetrant Testing level 3 (PT3)
  • Ultrasonic Testing level 3 (UT3)
  • Eddy Current Testing level 3 (ET3)
  • Visual Testing level 3 (VT3)

The Basic part is valid for all mentioned Main Methods (see above) and remains valid for a maximum of 5 years. One can first complete the Basic part and then the Main method, but also the other way around. Candidates who already hold a valid ISO 9712 level 3 certificate are exempted from taking the basic exam.

After this course you are prepared for the Basic NDT 3 exam.

Course duration:

10 days (80 hours)
Training days are 2 days a week (5 consecutive weeks)


The Basic NDT 3 exam is a theory exam (1 day) and consists of parts A, B and C (see above). For Part C, the exam covers 4 methods to be chosen by the candidate (from the 6 above), whereby at least one volumetric method (UT and RT) must be chosen.


If you have successfully passed the exam, you will receive an exam report of the results. You will need this report in conjunction with one or more successfully completed NDT Main Method exams to qualify for a Level 3 qualification.


  • Unless indicated otherwise, all NDT courses are taught in Dutch. Please contact us if you are interested in courses in English.
  • Recertifications or tailor-made courses can always be added to the planning.
Basic NDT 3 (September-October 2024)

Start date: 11 September 2024

End date: 08 October 2024

Theory exam: 11 October 2024

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Why choose MME Group NDT courses?:

  • Education excellence since 1969
  • Fully certified
  • Level 1, 2 and 3 training
  • 3 theory classrooms
  • 4 practical rooms
  • Case based learning
  • E-learning
  • Fast enrollment possible
  • Also according to PCN
  • Recertification according to ISO 9712, ASNT and PCN

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