A word from an MME employee: Livio Millone

The recurring section 'A word from an MME employee' says it all, in this section we put one of our employees in the spotlights! In this way you will get a look behind the scenes at MME Group. This time Livio Millone is in the spotlight. Livio is working for MME Group since June 2018. He started as Jr. Engineer Offshore Constructions and he is now working as Cathodic Protection Engineer at our main office in Ridderkerk.


Meet Livio Millone

Livio tells: “My name is Livio Millone, I’m a 35-year-old Italian Chemical Engineer. Since I was a child, I always had an affinity towards natural sciences, technology and computers. I like to understand how things work and how they are made.
After I finished my Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering, I moved from Torino to Bologna to continue my studies in Chemical Engineering, focusing on Offshore Engineering.

“Through my partner I got in contact with MME Group and a successful job interview followed quickly. I moved from Italy to the Netherlands and started at MME Group as Junior Engineer Offshore Constructions in June 2018. Moving abroad was a great adventure: the excitement of a new experience and a new job is difficult to describe. After many years I can say that I settled here in Rotterdam.”


From Jr. Engineer Offshore Constructions to Cathodic Protection Engineer

“I started at MME Group as Junior Engineer Offshore Constructions, where I worked mainly for the technical support of the offshore wind parks cathodic protection system.
Soon, I gained more and more responsibilities for example, making manuals and giving technical support for internal and external questions.
After a few years I was promoted to the position of Cathodic Protection Engineer. However, I see myself as a “wild card” within MME Group: one day I am a Project Engineer or a Technical Engineer for the offshore activities or a Corrosion Consultant or the next day I am a Technical Sales Support. My work varies enormously, every day is different. This is something I like very much.”

“During my work I like to solve problems and provide technical solutions. Next to that I like to manage projects and have contact with our clients. 
For example after our recently release of the new user interface of our ICCP & ICAF systems, the AKBv3 and the new Magic3 system, I helped our clients with questions about the many new functionalities we provide and offer in the new future.
Next to that I liked to work on and solve challenges for our offshore wind parks, I am always looking for the best solution possible for our clients problems.”


What makes you enjoy going to work every day?

I have a nice varied job, within a challenging environment with a relaxed attitude. I work with great colleagues who are supportive, helpful and fun to be around. They inspire me to do my best and challenge me to grow. I am grateful for their presence and their contribution to our team.


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