Hardness Testing

Hardness testing makes it possible to determine material characteristics such as strength, ductility and wear resistance. It also shows whether the heat treatment process has been carried out properly. These properties can be critical for the intended application of a material.

Hardness tests are typically performed by pressing a specifically dimensioned object (indenter) into the surface of the material. The hardness is determined by measuring the depth of indenter penetration or by measuring the size of the impression left by the indenter.

Based on the used method, the measured hardness is expressed in Rockwell (HRC), Vickers (HV) or Brinell (HBW) values. If required, the test result can be translated to another scale using conversion tables. Hardness tests can be carried out on location using portable equipment or with stationary equipment in our Mechanical Laboratory



Henk Schroots

Area Sales Manager NDT & Laboratory

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