MME Group is authorized to prepare reports for all mayor class societies. This includes general and specific condition assessments, corrosion rate assessments, repair specifications, and CAP, Marspec and Safehull surveys. Our reports are available in different file formats using various types of data storage, accepted by all classification societies and other authorities requiring structural condition assessments.

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Class society reporting software

Most mayor class societies issue proprietary software for the preparation, recording, assessment, storage and reporting of wall thickness information. Our Marine Survey Division's reporting department uses these tools on a daily basis to ensure correct recording of our inspection results. This provides an efficient workflow to keep your vessel certification up-to-date.

Video reporting

MME Group has a wide range of video inspection tools, varying from borescopes and endoscopes for internal inspection of machinery to self-propelled inspection vehicles for ballast and cargo lines. In combination with Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements (UTM), this service gives you valuable additional information about the state of a component or structure. Our inspectors can wear helmet mounted camera's which makes it possible for superintendents or class surveyors to follow the inspection in real-time. Recorded images or video can also be added to the report.

MME Group is certified for UTM inspections by the following class societies:

Visit our download section for a full overview of all UTM certificates.


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