In-service inspections

Over time, playground equipment can start posing a risk to the users due to wear and tear, aging or even vandalism. As an owner or operator, you have a management obligation. This means you have to make sure the equipment stays in proper condition during its entire lifespan. The NEN-EN 1176 standards stipulates that yearly in-service inspections are necessary to ascertain the equipment's safety for daily use.

Our specialized inspectors evaluate the state of your playground equipment and safety surfaces according to the applicable standards. If shortcomings are found, our detailed report gives you an overview of the issues you need to address to keep the equipment compliant. By contracting MME Group for these in-service inspections you fulfill your management obilgation as an owner or operator. 

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Outdoor playground equipment

Inspection and certification of outdoor playground equipment and shock absorbing surfaces according to NEN-EN 1176-1 to 11 standards

Indoor playground equipment

Inspection and certification of indoor playground equipment and shock absorbing surfaces according to NEN-EN 1176-1 to 10 standards

Inflatable play equipment

Inspection and certification of inflatable trampolines according to NEN-EN 14960 standard

Water slides

Inspection and certification of water slides according to NEN-EN 1069-1 and 2 standards

Water play equipment & spray parks

Inspection and certification of water play equipment and spray parks according to NEN-EN 13451-1 to 3 standards

Natural playing environments

Inspection and certification of natural playing environments according to NEN-EN 1176-1 to 11 standards

Climbing parks and walls

Inspection of climbing parks and climbing walls

Skate parks

Inspection and certification of skate parks according to NEN-EN 14974 standard

Safety surfaces (HIC test)

Inspection and certification of impact attenuating surfaces (Head Injury Criterion test) according to NEN-EN 1177 standard


MME Group is accredited by the Council of Accreditation in accordance with EN-ISO/IEC 17020 as a type A inspection body for periodic inspections for the commissioning of playground, sports and recreational equipment.

All inspectors of our Playground and Recreational Safety Division are accredited by the Dutch Safe Playgrounds Foundation as 2-star SVS inspectors. The purpuse of this accreditation is to ensure quality of inspections and increase the safety of playground equipment in the public space.

For more information about our inspectors you can query the Dutch Safe Playgrounds Foundation Database

  • What is playground equipment?

    According to the Dutch law, playground equiment is any equipment or installation that is meant for entertainment or recreation that exclusively uses gravity and/or human muscle power. This includes swings, slides, seesaws, carousels, cableways, water slides, inflatable play equipment, skate parks, etc. 

  • Which playground equipment should be inspected and certified?

    All playground equipment that was in use before 26 March 1997 (water slides before 21 April 2000) doesn't have to be certified by an appointed inspection body. The equipment has to be safe for use nonetheless. This can be determined through an inspection.

    Playground equipment that was produced and / or put in operation after these dates must be certified for compliance with the Dutch Commodities Act on Attractions and Playground Equipment (Warenwetbesluit Attractie- en Speeltoestellen) by an appointed inspection body such as MME Group. 

  • How do I make sure my playground equipment stays safe to use?

    If you as an owner have the certificate of approval that was provided by the manufacturer or supplier, you partly comply with the Dutch law. In addition, the equipment has to be installed according to the manual and inspections have to be carried out. You should keep and up-to-date- logbook with information about inspections and maintenance. MME Group can take care of the operational and yearly inspections for you. 

René van Tilborg

Manager Playground & Recreational Safety

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