Cathodic Protection Surveys

Cathodic protection is essential for corrosion prevention of fixed and floating marine steel structures. From the engineering phase, during the newbuild process and throughout the vessel's entire lifecycle, the focus should be on cost reduction, safety and extension of its operational life span.

You need a knowledgeable and experienced partner for all corrosion prevention related issues. A partner who helps you make decisions concerning the design, operation and maintenance of the vessel based on best practices and exact inspection data.

This is exactly MME Group's expertise. In addition to advising on the best cathodic protection solutions for newbuild projects, we carry out full cathodic protection surveys prior to and during dry-docking. Our report provides you with the necessary information to make educated decisions about repairs and maintenance.

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Pre Dry-docking Cathodic Protection Inspection

The importance of minimizing the time your vessel spends in dry-dock is obvious. In order to make this possible, you need as much information about the condition of the vessel and its systems as possible. Prior to a planned dry-docking, our engineers can carry out potential measurements and a full check of the ICCP and/or ICAF systems. This helps you determine which parts of the system will need servicing or replacement before the ship is in dry-dock.

Dry-docking Supervision & Recomissioning

Ascertaining the correct functioning of systems that prevent corrosion and marine growth after maintenance is of vital importance since it will be years before the next scheduled maintenance. Letting MME Group engineers supervise all ICCP and ICAF/MGPS related maintenance, replacement of spares and the subsequent recommissioning of the systems lets you focus on managing the bigger picture. In doing so, you make sure the dry-docking process is as efficient as possible while resting assured that these crucial systems are working correctly and the vessel is protected.

Corrosion Consultancy

Corrosion can pop up almost anywhere unexpectedly. In some cases, the cause is not directly clear. Corrosion that is caused by stray currents, microbial activity (MIC) or galvanic reactions often propagates at a much faster rate. Therefore, identifying the cause and determining a suitable remedy should be given high priority. Thanks to decades of experience in this field, we are able provide expert advice and come up with the best solution to protect your vessel and its systems. During the engineering process for newbuilds we can also advise on prevention of corrosion risks. 

Free Log Sheet Service and No Subscription Fees!

Fed up with paying code renewal fees? Our systems have no subscription fees whatsoever. We offer replacement of subscription based systems at very sharp rates. Furthermore, all vessels that have MME Group ICCP and/or ICAF (MGPS) systems are eligible for our free Log Sheet Service. The vessel's chief engineer can fill out the daily system parameters in our digital log sheet (download below). These should be sent to our Cathodic Protection and MGPS division every month for analysis of the data. This free service allows you to detect any deviations before they can cause serious problems.

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