Natuurmonumenten is a Dutch NGO that creates, maintains and protects more than 100.000 hectares of nature in The Netherlands. In the case of the "Marker Wadden", a nature reserve is created from scratch by reclaiming land in an area with a distorted ecological balance. The working vessel the NGO uses to transport employees and scientists to the islands is protected against corrosion by an MME Group Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) system. The system was installed 25 years ago and is still functioning properly.

We are very pleased that after 25 years of operation, the MME Group ICCP system is still working properly

— Ron Stoltz - Skipper of Markerwadden II

Natuurmonumenten recently purchased the vessel now called "Marker Wadden II". The aluminium hull  of the ship is more than 25 years old and is protected against corrosion by an MME Group ICCP system which was installed when the ship was built. The NGO wanted to make sure that the vessel and its passengers are safe and that the vessel operates with a minimal energy consumption footprint.

MME Group was therefore contacted with the request to service the system. We carried out a thorough inspection, potential measurements and maintenance of the shaft grounding system. After more than 25 years of continuous operation, the ICCP system is still in excellent working order. MME Group is proud to contribute to "A Longer Life" of both the vessel and the newly created nature reserve it operates in.

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