ICAF for Open Cooling Systems

Open cooling systems have, as the name implies, an open connection to outboard water. This water is used for cooling, evaporators, firefighting, and other ancillary systems. Marine growth (algae, mussels, barnacles, etc.) can quickly reproduce and grow in the warm conditions. Without an effective solution to prevent bio-fouling, these systems will run at abnormally high temperatures, resulting in unnecessary increased fuel consumption, lower performance and higher wear and tear of the vessel’s engine(s), making failures more likely to occur.

Our MGPS / ICAF systems produce small quantities of copper ions that flow through the piping and create an environment in which microorganisms can't adhere to the surfaces. Adding aluminium or iron anodes to the system's copper anodes results in additional corrosion protection of the system.


Our new ICCP & ICAF user interface

We are continuously improving our systems. MME Group has created a new way of operating, monitoring and maintaining these protective systems.

Please check out our new ICCP & ICAF user interface, the AKBv3.

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Suitbable for all types of piping

Carbon steel
When a direct current is passed through anodically polarised aluminium, the aluminium will breakdown in highly voluminous but poorly soluble aluminium hydroxide. While carried downstream, the hydroxide transports the copper ions and deposits them on the internal surfaces of the pipelines. 

Cupronickel and other copper alloys
To reduce the risk of corrosion in cupronickel cooling water systems, iron ions, released from an activated iron anode, are added to the flow by the same system. These ions assist the cupronickel alloy in maintaining its protective oxide layer.


Free Log Sheet Service and No Subscription Fees!

Fed up with paying code renewal fees? Our systems have no subscription fees whatsoever. We offer replacement of subscription based systems at very sharp rates. Furthermore, all vessels that have MME Group ICCP and/or ICAF (MGPS) systems are eligible for our free Log Sheet Service. The vessel's chief engineer can fill out the daily system parameters in our digital log sheet (download below). These should be sent to our Cathodic Protection and MGPS division every month for analysis of the data. This free service allows you to detect any deviations before they can cause serious problems.

Eric Bouman

Sales Manager Cathodic Protection & MGPS

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