Corrosion Protection Testing Extended

Corrosion problems require attention in both marine and non-marine environments. Therefore, you want to be sure about the best performing materials in different circumstances related to corrosion. MME Group recognizes this need by adding the ASTM G42 test to its laboratory capabilities. This accelerated corrosion test compares the performance of coatings in certain circumstances in combination with cathodic protection.

The goal of a test according to ASTM G42 standards is to study cathodic disbondment. More specifically, the test compares the performance of steel pipe coatings when the coating has been damaged and cathodic protection is present. The ASTM G42 test originally describes a comparative test for underground coated steel pipes, which are subjected to cathodic protection at high temperatures (room temperature to 60°). The coating on the pipes is tested by applying overprotection to the steel pipe and keep a constant high temperature. If two samples are compared, the results can provide the most suitable coating in specific desired conditions. 

MME Group can make specific modifications to use this test for marine and non-marine environments. Several testing parameters can be customised on the customer's request.


Cathodic disbondment
When a coated structure is being protected by cathodic protection and a small coating damage is present, the initial exposed damage of the coating will deteriorate at an accelerated rate compared to when cathodic protection isn't present.

Overprotection occurs when the cathodic protection exceeds the recommended protection limit. This can harm the structure.

For whom?

For those who need to make a decision between specific coating solutions:

  • Coated piping subjected to cathodic protection (vessels, offshore)
  • Manufacturers of heat exchangers
  • Service providers of heat exchangers


Options for test parameter customization:

  • Different base materials
  • Specific water compositions
  • Specific water temperatures
  • Specific overprotection limits
  • Specific geometry


  • MME Group is an experienced partner for corrosion tests
  • Options for custom interpretation of results
  • Designs on request
  • Custom test set-ups can be created for actual corrosion or coating issues

Find out which coating is superior under your specific conditions


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