Commissioning inspection of amusement devices

The safe use and management of amusement devices is regulated in The Netherlands in the Commodities Act on Attractions and Playground Equipment (Warenwetbesluit Attractie- en Speeltoestellen). Besides requirements for the management and maintenance during the operational lifespan of the attraction equipment, requirements are also set for new amusement equipment.

In the Netherlands, an attraction equipment may only be used if it has a certificate of approval. This certificate can only be issued by testing bodies which have been specially authorized for this purpose by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. Such an organisation is called an Appointed Approval Authority (AKI). MME Group is such an Authority, and you can therefore contact us for both commissioning and in-service inspections of amusement devices.

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In order to issue a certificate of approval, a commissioning inspection is carried out. This involves assessing whether the amusement device complies with the regulations of the Commodities Act on Attractions and Playground Equipment. Amongst other things, this involves testing whether the safety measures meet the minimum level as prescribed in the European standard for attraction equipment NEN-EN 13814.


The commissioning inspection roadmap broadly consists of the following steps:

  • Request for a quotation (use the online contact form above) and a request for an inspection
  • Design Review, assessment of: static / dynamic calculations, control software, electrical schematics, operating instructions, risk analysis; etc.
  • Manufacturing process inspection consisting of: device performance check; witnessing critical welding processes; etc.
  • Final inspection consisting of: functional testing, emergency procedures testing, load testing, acceleration measurements, etc.

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  • What are amusement devices?

    According to Dutch legislation (Warenwetbesluit attractie- en speeltoestellen), an amusement device is a device, whether or not permanently installed, for moving people, which is intended for entertainment or relaxation and which is powered by a non-human source of energy. It includes, for example, roller coasters, fairground rides, rodeos, simulators, powered bungee trampolines, etc.

  • How often should in-service inspections of amusement devices be carried out?

    According to Dutch legislation, an attraction must be inspected by a designated inspection authority (AKI) every one, two or three years. The frequency of the periodic inspections depends on the nature of the equipment. For example, an attraction device with high speeds or high g-forces will have to be inspected more often than a slow, simple attraction. On the basis of Dutch legislation (Warenwetbesluit attractie- en speeltoestellen) and the accompanying additional regulations, we can determine the inspection interval of your amusement device(s) for you. In the time between periodic inspections, you should inspect and maintain your amusement equipment at appropriate intervals to keep it in good and safe condition.

René van Tilborg

Manager Playground & Recreational Safety

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