Machine Building & Steel Construction

Aeroplanes, industrial installations, buildings, road vehicles, amusement park attractions... None of them could exist without parts and systems supplied by the manufacturing industry. Material failure could cause serious harm to the people using these objects. MME Group helps this branch of industry ensure that applicable quality standards are met, from raw materials to production, all the way to the end of the product's lifecycle. 

Scroll down to find out which MME Group services help you realize "A Longer Life" for your industrial structures and products: 

We are extremely satisfied with the working relationship that we have built with MME Group

— Willem Konings - Schelde Exotech

We are very pleased with MME Group's approach and quality. We look forward to the the next joint project!

— Danny van Zoggel - BKRS Crane Systems BV

Making sure heavy lifting gear meets the highest standards

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Case Schelde Exotech

Unique NDT methods on riser forgings

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