Dutch fabricator Schelde Exotech approached MME Group with a serious challenge. They wanted to produce 18 meter long riser forgings with internal cladding. The bonding of the cladding and its surface condition needed to be inspected using Ultrasonic and Penetrant Testing. Carrying out penetrant testing on the inside of such log forgings proved to be the biggest challenge. MME Group and Schelde Exotech worked together closely to create unique NDT procedures for this. This resulted in an efficient method to make sure the product meet the high standards that are applicable for offshore drilling operations of Exotech's client. 

We are extremely satisfied with the working relationship that we have built with MME Group

— Willem Konings - Schelde Exotech

After trying different approaches, we created a unique system to apply the dye, clean the excess dye, and apply the developer to the 18 meter ID of the forging. Once that was achieved, the results could be interpreted visually by using an advanced video borescope. During the production phase of the riser forgings, two MME Group NDT technicians who were involved in creating the testing procedures were on site to carry out the inspections.

MME Group is proud to contribute to "A Longer Life" of offshore drilling equipment and the people using it by ascertaining material quality using Non-Destructive Testing.

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