A Longer Life

Mankind creates increasingly large objects. Our society can no longer do without bridges, ships, drilling rigs, refineries and other complex structures. Without due attention to quality and safety, these objects can pose a threat to people and to the environment. Ascertaining material integrity and protection against corrosion are therefore vitally important. MME Group is your partner in achieving this.

Our solutions help you safeguard the integrity and profitability of assets and products for their entire lifecycle. In doing so, we help protect the lives of those involved with them.

Select your market to find out how we support "A Longer Life" in your industry:

By applying modern technology, MME Group helps us preserve Unesco World Heritage

— Jan Willem de Winter - Kinderdijk Miller

We are very pleased with MME Group's approach and quality. We look forward to the the next joint project!

— Danny van Zoggel - BKRS Crane Systems BV

We are very pleased that after 25 years of operation, the MME Group ICCP system is still working properly

— Ron Stoltz - Skipper of Markerwadden II

We are extremely satisfied with the working relationship that we have built with MME Group

— Willem Konings - Schelde Exotech

MME Group is a partner who highly values flexibility, professionalism and safety

— KWS Infra B.V.

MME Group deals with challenges creatively and conscious of financial implications, without loosing sight of safety

— KWS Infra B.V.

We are very pleased with MME Group's UTM services for classic steam tug "Furie". They provide this support since 1978.

— Jan Peute - Foundation "Hollands Glorie"

MME Group helps us ascertain the quality of our worldwide brewing facilities using advanced NDT methods. We're very pleased with their flexibility and expertise.

— Freek Feiner - Heineken Supply Chain BV

MME Group is a single point of contact for NDT, UTM, sacrificial anodes, ICCP and ICAF systems. We value the flexibility and convenience they bring us.

— Arjan Sebel - Damen Shiprepair Harlingen

MME Group has short lines of communication and offers flexible, results-oriented and cost-efficient inspection solutions

— Wim Verstijnen - Lloyd's Register
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