Non-Destructive Testing

Whether you're involved in manufacturing or you manage industrial assets, ascertaining material integrity is a top priority. The quality of welding and other production processes can literally make or break your success. 

Our efficient Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) services help you detect defects in base materials, products, installations and equipment. This provides asset management data which enables you to prevent damage and related cost resulting from material failure. From the sourcing and production phase, all the way to the end of the asset lifecycle, we help you monitor material integrity. Ultimately, our NDT services help you achieve operational efficiency and assure compliance with the applicable standards. 



By applying modern technology, MME Group helps us preserve Unesco World Heritage
— Jan Willem de Winter - Kinderdijk Miller
We are very pleased with MME Group's approach and quality. We look forward to the the next joint project!
— Danny van Zoggel - BKRS Crane Systems BV
We are extremely satisfied with the working relationship that we have built with MME Group
— Willem Konings - Schelde Exotech
MME Group helps us ascertain the quality of our worldwide brewing facilities using advanced NDT methods. We're very pleased with their flexibility and expertise.
— Freek Feiner - Heineken Supply Chain BV
MME Group is a single point of contact for NDT, UTM, sacrificial anodes, ICCP and ICAF systems. We value the flexibility and convenience they bring us.
— Arjan Sebel - Damen Shiprepair Harlingen

Case Schelde Exotech

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Preservation of Unesco World Heritage Kinderdijk Windmills

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Making sure heavy lifting gear meets the highest standards

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NDT Services

Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
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Radiographic Testing (RT)
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Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)
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Penetrant Testing (PT)
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Eddy Current Testing (ET)
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Visual Inspection (VT)
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Hardness Testing
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