Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP)

The application of sacrificial anodes is a passive protection method that doesn't accommodate for changed circumstances such as coating damage. Their volume is also calculated for a specific lifetime, after which they need to be replaced.

Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) systems consist of one or more reference electrodes and several ICCP anodes which are all connected to a power unit. The reference cells measure the underwater electrical protection potential and based on this data, the power unit regulates the required output to the anodes. The resulting impressed current prevents the corrosion process from taking place. These advanced systems allow for real-time monitoring and guarantee the required protection level at all times. A correctly installed, operated and serviced ICCP system can function for 25 years or more. We can configure ICCP systems from standard components or work out a custom-built solution for specific vessels or structures.

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Ships and other floating structures

Sacrificial anodes have been used to protect ship hulls for more than a century. However, they have some serious drawbacks when applied on larger vessels. Sacrificial anodes need to be replaced during each docking (usually every 3 or 5 years). Attaching anodes to the hull means influencing the vessel's hydrodynamics profile which leads to increased fuel cost. For large vessels, ICCP systems are a more cost efficient corrosion prevention method. The output is determined by the system’s reference cell measurements, which guarantees sufficient protection levels at all times.


Fixed structures

Fixed structures such as harbour quay walls, jetties, locks, offshore oil and gas rigs and Offshore Wind Farms can be protected with sacrificial anodes or ICCP systems. Sacrificial anodes are maintenance free, but if the asset’s lifetime is to be extended beyond the anodes’ calculated lifespan, other protection solutions are required. ICCP systems not only guarantee a sufficient level of protection, but also allow for real-time monitoring of the underwater electric potential and the system's output.


Free Log Sheet Service and No Subscription Fees!

Fed up with paying code renewal fees? Our systems have no subscription fees whatsoever. We offer replacement of subscription based systems at very sharp rates. Furthermore, all vessels that have MME Group ICCP and/or ICAF (MGPS) systems are eligible for our free Log Sheet Service. The vessel's chief engineer can fill out the daily system parameters in our digital log sheet (download below). These should be sent to our Cathodic Protection and MGPS division every month for analysis of the data. This free service allows you to detect any deviations before they can cause serious problems.

Eric Bouman

Sales Manager Cathodic Protection & MGPS

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