Special Applications

Besides standard applications of ICAF / MGPS systems that are mainly used in shipping, we can create a custom solution to fit specific needs. Due to the flexible layout of the Marine Growth Prevention Systems, large cooling systems can be protected in an economical way. The consumption of the copper anode can be optimised using integrated temperature measurements, GPS information and other control functions of the asset management system.

Industrial applications

Due to high temperatures, bio-fouling is a serious risk for onshore industrial cooling systems. The rapid buildup of algae and other organisms inside the piping and vessels can lead to costly unscheduled shutdowns. MME Group has experience in design and installation of ICAF / MGPS systems in the petrochemical and power generating industries. Some of these systems process water flows in excess of 25.000 m3 per hour.


Offshore structures

Our custom systems are also applied to prevent marine growth in filters and heat exchangers of offshore plaforms. These systems communicate with most plant management and control systems to achieve a high performance and low maintenance profile.


Our new ICCP & ICAF user interface

We are continuously improving our systems. MME Group has created a new way of operating, monitoring and maintaining these protective systems.

Please check out our new ICCP & ICAF user interface, the AKBv3.

Eric Bouman

Sales Manager Cathodic Protection & MGPS

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